Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Reason To Celebrate


This post will be packed with everything I have been up to recently as I have had the busiest month ever! So I apologize for my absence but it shall all make sense in this post! So I'll start from the beginning...

After finishing my internship at Browns, I had a bit of a quarter life crisis, what was I going to do now? Where will I work? What do I want to do? It was all a bit too much and I just had to shut myself away and try to figure out my life. It was a very hard few weeks because of few other personal issues but I can gladly say, that is all behind me now and I am back to myself!

So The first of my 'celebrations' was the fact is was my 22nd birthday on the 4th of October and I made my way up to London to spend it with my boyfriend. I was so happy and surprised when I found out he was taking me to The Rainforest Cafe  in Piccadilly because I'd never been and have always wanted to go! We had an amazing dinner and was given this little cutie at the end so i could remember my night... I had such an amazing weekend with such lovely company!

The second celebration was my graduation! Yes it is official, I am now a graduate and it was the strangest feeling walking across that stage after 3 years of hard work! I was so proud and quite emotional as I am the first to graduate in my family and they were all their to support me on my big day and it meant so much to me!

Now my blog would be nothing without a fashion write up, so here is what I wore for my graduation, I can honestly say, I've never felt so classy haha! A few of these pictures include my nearest and dearest so i hope you enjoy! My dress was from Coast at £95, so comfy and elegant and my shoes were from Primark, total bargain at £15! Topped it all off with my Tiffany necklace and bracelet.

The final event I want to write about is a MAC make up tutorial that me and my friend attended at the Make up London Academy. We got to hear all about the MAC products to use and which regimes to follow for your type of skin which was really interesting, after that, we got to play with all the make up and practice smokey eyes and all other fun things! I had a really good day, what girl doesn't love to play with make up?!

So I hope you enjoy reading about my last few weeks, so much to blog about! But from now on, I will be blogging regularly again :) Thank you for reading! 


Sunday, 1 September 2013

A/W Tech-cessories


As much as I just want to jump right into this Guest Post and go on about my passion for design and technology, I should probably introduce myself first, right?  My name is Erial, Eri for short, and I reside over at I’m British-born, raised in America and I’m currently at University studying Design. With that said, I’m a massive technology geek and instead of being one of those weird people that dresses their puppies and other pets, I like to dress my technology. Does that still make me one of those weird people…. Maybe even weirder?

Anywho, since summer is sadly coming to an end *sobs*, it’s time to start thinking about fall accessories and of course that includes jazzing up your iPhone, laptop and all your other toys. Here is some of my favourite A/W Tech-cessories!

1. Michael Kors MacBook Air Sleeve
It’s a bit more expensive but that means the quality will last all winter long. Whether you’re a university student having to walk to lectures in the snow, a fast-paced London girl, or just want to look fab regardless, this minimalist and luxurious case will make sure your laptop is runway worthy. Don’t worry; they have sleeves for MacBook Pro’s and iPads as well!

Zara City Bag with zips
Ohhh yes, this bag is a classic. Everyone has been carrying it this season and with good reason. Zara hit the nail on the head by designing a fashionable bag with padded pockets and zips for every single electronic device you may have. You are a goddess, Zara!

J. Crew Studded Case for iPhone 4/4s
I’m sure Kate would appreciate this one.  The studs and leather on this J. Crew case are a sure way to make your iPhone look fierce! You’ll never want to put your phone away in that Zara bag, will you?

ASOS Touch Screen Gloves

There is nothing worse than risking hypothermia to answer that cute text from the boyfriend or answer a phone call about a possible internship.  ASOS knows how you feel and created stylish gloves with finger pads that allow you to answer that iPhone without fear. No fights with the boyfriend and scoring that internship? Thanks, ASOS! 

One last thankyou to the beautiful Kate for allowing me to hop on her blog for the day! If you have any favourite tech-cessories for the season, let Kate and I know in the comments below or send me a tweet: @eri_jay

All my love,

~Erial xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Ideal Internship: Week 2


So I have just finished my second week in my internship at Browns and I am feeling exhausted! Working in retail full time is really hard work but it is so fulfilling because of the designers I am working with. This week was more of the same, helping clients, sorting out designers in the stock room and wrapping and taking care of purchases. I've had such a better understanding of how Browns is run now so I am able to really put everything into this and my knowledge of designers, retail and PR is getting so much better! I only have 2 weeks left in my internship now, it's going so fast! I'm just so happy that I can start making a career for myself now and start planning where this internship is going to take me, I'm so excited! Here are my outfits from throughout the week! Again, sorry for the bad quality!

Before i leave you guys, I have an exciting announcement to make! The beautiful Erial from the blog Erial View will be doing a guest post during the week! It's my first guest blogger and I'm so excited as her blog is fantastic! I'll also be guest blogging for her too so keep your eyes peeled! Head on over to check her out!

Leave any comments guys as you know I love to read them and give me a follow for more updates! Lots of love and have a great week!


Monday, 19 August 2013

The Ideal Internship: Week 1


So my next few posts are actually to do with my new internship at Browns Focus in London! I was so happy to get this place and didn't realize how lucky i was to be chosen! Everyone i work with is super talented and they know everything about fashion and every new designer, it's amazing. So what did i get up to in my first week..?
Well, i started off getting to know every designer and brand that we stock, and there is a lot! From Ashish to Versace, Balenciaga to McQueen, I've been helping on the shop floor with clients and assisting in the (amazing) stock room. It's a long day, but i have so much fun whilst i am there, getting to know people and helping clients, it makes you feel really positive and i am learning so much about designers i didn't even know before! The point of this internship is to learn how to work in high luxury retail and different it is to just working in a high street shop, it is a huge difference.
 My 'uniform' is basically whatever i want to wear which is amazing, you could be as fashion forward or as casual as you like! It's always good to make a bit of an effort though! So these are a few of my outfits from the past week at Browns Focus... Wonder what I'll be getting up to in my second week.. :)

and the amazing McQueen coat i got to try on that i fell in love with...!!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, doing my best with what i have ha!


Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Beautiful Secret


Today's post is a quick and personal one! I've recently been offered a retail internship at Browns in London which is fabulous and I'm so excited to share my journey with you all but, whilst i was in London for my interview, i had to pay another visit to the incredible Victoria's Secret store on Bond Street, how amazing is it? I can't get enough! I'm starting a new eating/fitness regime this week and what better 'thin-spiration' than the utterly gorgeous Candice Swanepoel?! Anyway, i took a few pictures of their beautiful underwear and runway outfits to share with you! Have a good week!! 


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Most Wanted: Kenzo Jumper

This is my first 'Most Wanted' post on The Studded Shorts and after long consideration, it has to go to Kenzo! The brand have been on my fashion radar for a while now with their last two collections but I have been completely drawn in to their fabulous range of jumpers! This one in particular caught my eye because of it's amazing bold colours and beautiful shape,
Kenzo (Available from Browns)

£150 can be a hefty price tag but we are in luck! High street brands such as Zara, Topshop and New Look have their own versions of this cult jumper! *Hooray!* Here are a couple i have found with a touch of Kenzo inspiration... :)

New Look


Well that is my first 'Most Wanted' post , will definitely be doing some more for you all! Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Date Night


Sorry i haven't done a post in a while, been very busy graduating! To celebrate all graduations out there, I'm sure a special someone will want to spoil you to say a huge well done! That is why todays post is about a date night outfit. I absolutly love midi dresses and skirts, i think they are so simple yet they create the perfect silhouette. This midi skirt is from Topshop and i bought it in black so i can wear it for any occasion! I hope you enjoy this short post, there will be many more from now on! Let me know what you all think. 

Vest: Camden Market
Skirt: Topshop
Belt: Topshop
Shoes: Zara


Tuesday, 18 June 2013


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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Festival Fever!


Sorry i haven't made a post in a while but i have just graduated from university! Life has been crazy, but i am back with a post to get you ready for summer. Festivals are a massive part of the british summer, we have everything from the huge Glastonbury festival to V fest and i have a few ideas to get you festival fashion ready! 

When i think of festivals, i look to people such as Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller and Gillian Zinser, they are the ultimate boho babes and the ones to get ideas from, 

The beauty that is Ms Zinser looks grunge glam in her flannel shirt and denim cut offs! Denim shorts are the best staple buy when heading off to a festival, they ooze that hippy/boho feel when teamed with shirts, crochet tops and chains or watch it with a tightfitting top for a bit of glam. 

Another festival babe is the fabulous Sienna Miller! Here at glastonbury wearing her gorgeous cutoffs, a simple grey vest and crochet waitcoat, simple and utterly stunning! Also adding a hat to her outfit, you can buy trilby's from anywhere on the highstreet, they protect you from sunburn (but look fab too!)

Vanessa Hudgens is a festival fav, she's always there looking stunning and a few fashion tips to steal from her would be her amazing accessories! Sunglasses are a big hit this summer with new styles coming out all the time, I've recently come to love cirular shaped glasses as i feel they look vintage and beautiful! You can go online to places such as Missguided to get yours!

The other obvious accessory i love about Vanessa's outfit is her flower headband! This one is moderatly small compared to the flower crowns you can buy this year! They are a perfect addition to any outfit so grab ones from any high street shop!

Flower Crown: £3 Primark

Florals are always huge at festivals so make a statement with a crown! I got this one from primark for only £3! You can also get them from places such as Topshop and H&M. Why stop at you hair though? Go all out with flower nails!! These ones are so easy to do... 

Simply paint your nails white, add blobs of the colours you want your roses to be (i chose pinks and blues),  add your green blobs for leaves at the sides and then use a black nail art pen (mine is from Models Own at £6) and outline your roses, simple!! All the nail colours i used were from Barry M (all at £2.95) and are available at boots. 

Though of course i dont want to leave any men out in this post! Fashion for men is just as crucial and i've found that ASOS have put together a bunch of outfit ideas to help you all out! 

It's so helpful so just go on to ASOS and the festival fashion link and you'll have hundreds of ideas in no time! It could be a vest or a shirt, some shorts or some jeans! They have everything you need!!  

So pack your backpacks and don't forget the Batiste!!  Everyone needs dry shampoo at a festival, even you boys! It'll keep your hair smelling fresh and looking good whilst you're living in mud!! They come in a massive range now so you can be spolit for choice ;) They can be bought at any boots or superdrug stores for £3.99! 

So keep dancing and singing your ay through your festival and hope you all have the best time! Remeber that being simple, sexy accessories and keeping it cool will win you fashion points :P 


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Back To The... Past?


So today, i've gone back in time a little back to one of my favourite films... Clueless! Yes Alicia Silverstone as the fabulous Cher. I was looking at this because something has cropped up again... Remember this stylish Calvin Klein dress...?

Well, The dress is back and still as fantastic! Rihanna was spotted wearing the revamped dress at the GQ awards a few months back and she looked amazing! Such a simple dress and we are back to the 90's looking flawless!

I made another little discovery when i found a dress modelled by my friend here.. she got this on the highstreet so you're closer to bringing back the gorgeous decade! It's a simple dress from Renee London, and it's been styled up with a belt to add a little something... I'm loving the bright colour too, ready for the summer!

Topshop, river island and h&m would be perfect places to find these dresses too, so find that inner cher and embrace the beauty of the 90's!! 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

London Fashion Week


Well i have a great post for you today because... London Fashion Week has been and gone! The most prestigious week in the fashion calendar has hit London in full storm! It all kicked off on Friday the 15th and i was lucky enough to be there for the PPQ show at Somerset House. The runway was lit up with PPQ's bright block colours and 80/picasso prints, fitted blazers, off the shoulder dresses.. it was fashion heaven!

 I've been keeping an eye on the shows and the highlights during the week and i have some pictures from some of the hottest shows on the catwalk icluding Sister by Sibling, Mulberry, Topshop Unique, Burberry Prorsum and the one i was most looking forward to... Tom Ford! 

My favourite of all the collections has to be Burberry Prorsum because to me, all of the pieces were so wareable and i loved the metal detail on the dresses and macs. The knee length and tight fitting skirts along with oversized jumpers worked perfectly and i believe it was the highlight of London Fashion Week. London really does sit on a higher platform as a fashion capital because of the help of the fashion council, which no other capital has. It was a fabulous week from old and new designers so i hope you enjoy these pictures from London Fashion Week! 

Topshop Unique
Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Paul Smith
Sister by Sibling
Matthew Williamson
Tom Ford
Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum
Burberry Prorsum

So who was your favourite and why? Write to me on twitter @katejasinski or find me on Instagram as always @katej04, have a wonderful week and hope you enjoyed my post!