Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Reason To Celebrate


This post will be packed with everything I have been up to recently as I have had the busiest month ever! So I apologize for my absence but it shall all make sense in this post! So I'll start from the beginning...

After finishing my internship at Browns, I had a bit of a quarter life crisis, what was I going to do now? Where will I work? What do I want to do? It was all a bit too much and I just had to shut myself away and try to figure out my life. It was a very hard few weeks because of few other personal issues but I can gladly say, that is all behind me now and I am back to myself!

So The first of my 'celebrations' was the fact is was my 22nd birthday on the 4th of October and I made my way up to London to spend it with my boyfriend. I was so happy and surprised when I found out he was taking me to The Rainforest Cafe  in Piccadilly because I'd never been and have always wanted to go! We had an amazing dinner and was given this little cutie at the end so i could remember my night... I had such an amazing weekend with such lovely company!

The second celebration was my graduation! Yes it is official, I am now a graduate and it was the strangest feeling walking across that stage after 3 years of hard work! I was so proud and quite emotional as I am the first to graduate in my family and they were all their to support me on my big day and it meant so much to me!

Now my blog would be nothing without a fashion write up, so here is what I wore for my graduation, I can honestly say, I've never felt so classy haha! A few of these pictures include my nearest and dearest so i hope you enjoy! My dress was from Coast at £95, so comfy and elegant and my shoes were from Primark, total bargain at £15! Topped it all off with my Tiffany necklace and bracelet.

The final event I want to write about is a MAC make up tutorial that me and my friend attended at the Make up London Academy. We got to hear all about the MAC products to use and which regimes to follow for your type of skin which was really interesting, after that, we got to play with all the make up and practice smokey eyes and all other fun things! I had a really good day, what girl doesn't love to play with make up?!

So I hope you enjoy reading about my last few weeks, so much to blog about! But from now on, I will be blogging regularly again :) Thank you for reading! 


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