Tuesday, 18 June 2013


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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Festival Fever!


Sorry i haven't made a post in a while but i have just graduated from university! Life has been crazy, but i am back with a post to get you ready for summer. Festivals are a massive part of the british summer, we have everything from the huge Glastonbury festival to V fest and i have a few ideas to get you festival fashion ready! 

When i think of festivals, i look to people such as Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller and Gillian Zinser, they are the ultimate boho babes and the ones to get ideas from, 

The beauty that is Ms Zinser looks grunge glam in her flannel shirt and denim cut offs! Denim shorts are the best staple buy when heading off to a festival, they ooze that hippy/boho feel when teamed with shirts, crochet tops and chains or watch it with a tightfitting top for a bit of glam. 

Another festival babe is the fabulous Sienna Miller! Here at glastonbury wearing her gorgeous cutoffs, a simple grey vest and crochet waitcoat, simple and utterly stunning! Also adding a hat to her outfit, you can buy trilby's from anywhere on the highstreet, they protect you from sunburn (but look fab too!)

Vanessa Hudgens is a festival fav, she's always there looking stunning and a few fashion tips to steal from her would be her amazing accessories! Sunglasses are a big hit this summer with new styles coming out all the time, I've recently come to love cirular shaped glasses as i feel they look vintage and beautiful! You can go online to places such as Missguided to get yours!

The other obvious accessory i love about Vanessa's outfit is her flower headband! This one is moderatly small compared to the flower crowns you can buy this year! They are a perfect addition to any outfit so grab ones from any high street shop!

Flower Crown: £3 Primark

Florals are always huge at festivals so make a statement with a crown! I got this one from primark for only £3! You can also get them from places such as Topshop and H&M. Why stop at you hair though? Go all out with flower nails!! These ones are so easy to do... 

Simply paint your nails white, add blobs of the colours you want your roses to be (i chose pinks and blues),  add your green blobs for leaves at the sides and then use a black nail art pen (mine is from Models Own at £6) and outline your roses, simple!! All the nail colours i used were from Barry M (all at £2.95) and are available at boots. 

Though of course i dont want to leave any men out in this post! Fashion for men is just as crucial and i've found that ASOS have put together a bunch of outfit ideas to help you all out! 

It's so helpful so just go on to ASOS and the festival fashion link and you'll have hundreds of ideas in no time! It could be a vest or a shirt, some shorts or some jeans! They have everything you need!!  

So pack your backpacks and don't forget the Batiste!!  Everyone needs dry shampoo at a festival, even you boys! It'll keep your hair smelling fresh and looking good whilst you're living in mud!! They come in a massive range now so you can be spolit for choice ;) They can be bought at any boots or superdrug stores for £3.99! 

So keep dancing and singing your ay through your festival and hope you all have the best time! Remeber that being simple, sexy accessories and keeping it cool will win you fashion points :P