Monday, 10 December 2012

True Blue-ty

So it's absolutly freezing right now so i hope everyone is wrapping up warm (yet keeping stylish!) Black seems to be a big colour for when its cold, it is a statement, it's classy and its a good choice! There is always a way to liven it up though and i've found a girl who proved this and i loved it!!!
Changing your hair colour can be a huge deal but sometimes, it's just what you need. An alternative to 'normal' colours is going the way of pastel colours! Laura has gone for a pastel blue and also dyed her eyebrows the same colour so i thought i'd post it on here to see what you think! I love it and i think it really works with the vintage black ensemble :D It's a way to change things up so think pastel!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Snuggly Accessories

So it's got to those cold autumn nights, long walks and cuddles! Well what better way to walk than styled of course! Scarves are a must have in winter and I've found a gorgeous one from Mulberry with the most beautiful pattern! You can also find cheaper alternatives to the tartan print in H&M and my favourite, Barbour! Ranging from £8 to £140! Ill be writing about more accessories over the weeks so keep checking!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Laguna Beauty...

They weren't kidding when they said third year was going to be the toughest! Sorry, i've neglected my blog baby for a few weeks now but i am back with todays new post! (They'll be another on friday as usual too) So in my 5 spare minutes a day when i am not reading Stanislavski or Meyerhold, I've yet again been drawn in by the radient Lauren Conrad! Her new book 'Beauty' is out and of course, i was in there straight away! The book goes with her 'Style' book, i have referenced this on the blog before, referring it to the Bible! But 'Beauty' is all about you, your skin, health, hair and nails! It really is an amazing read if you're worried about why you're getting breakouts in certain areas, if you're using the right moisturizer for your skin type and of course, how to get those Conrad curls! I recommend it to anyone as it has so many good tips in there, i'm already using a few ;)
'Beauty' Lauren Conrad: £14.99

All her tips! 

Have a good week! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire....

It was my 21st birthday yesterday and was surprised with a trip to paris by my boyfriend! (hence the french) This post is a little different to my others as it's not about clothes today but perfume! My scent has always been Gucci by Gucci but i decided to ask for something different this year so i could have a nice change! I was given Burberry Body which is quite musky but with a floral tone and Dot by Marc Jacobs which is very feminine and has a mix of being very fruity but with a vanilla musk. they are both such nice scents and i recommend them a lot! So if you need a new smell in your life... look no further!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Age Grunge

Hiya! So i've been a bit M.I.A recently, i've just started back at uni for my third year so it's been a bit hectic! First day back though and i found a cute ensemble! I've been loving the grungy look lately, but with a feminine edge and i think this outfit sums it up perfectly... 

Military Jacket and Denim shirt: Vintage
Bag: American Apparel
Boots: Clarks

It's very on trend for this season and i think the shirt done up all the way to the top is much better, you could also add a collar necklace to add to the outfit to make it a little more girly if needs be... Another gem i saw (quite literally) were these shorts! They're very grungy but a very good statement piece. You can also make them more girly by adding a blouse in a soft colour but i love this outfit, from the retro jumper to the vintage levi shorts... loving it for Autumn!! 

Jumper: Vintage
Shorts: Levi's (studs added by self) 
Studs: Ebay

So this is the fashion vibe i'm getting this week! Minimal effort but totally statement when you walk into a room! Have an great few days! 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Updating The Classic 'Geek'

So this week i've been searching the internet instead of the shops and i've found something i absolutly love right now! Geeky buttoned up shirts with a bit of edge (studs, of course!) A lush pair of shorts and some funky accessories!
Sheer black collared shirt, £19.99
So team this shirt with your favourtie pair of shorts - high waisted would go so well with this! Maybe and old pair of Levi's? They never fail ;) 
Desert Lace-ups, Topshop: £32
Absolutly love these at the moment! They are so comfortable and go with almost anything, they would finish off this outfit very nicely - no tights!! Try to go as long as you can baring the flesh before you have to cover them up. When it gets a little colder and the tights have to make a comeback, Swop these beauties for a pair of Dr Martins!

Raybans: £125

Add these lovlies to finish off the whole look. Geek Chic in no time!! 

Have a lovely week! xoxo

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Branching Out

I've been in America for 2 months working at a camp, cray! So i haven't written in a long time but whilst i was out there, i was still keeping an eye out for those little gems! For my first post back, i wanted to write about the different styles i've seen for the past 10 weeks, i was out of my comfort zone whilst i was there, not being able to dress up or wear heels or tight things! So i wanted to write about the basics that are key! Also adding that one accessory that can change a whole look.
So the first thing is vests. i love a good oversized vest and i love American Apparels choice, they're good to put on with a good pair of jeans or shorts and layer some necklaces over it (visit for some good peices of cool jewellrey).

Vest: American Apparel £14

Going on from that are shoes...! I absolutly LOVE topshops range of casual loafers at the moment, they can be dressed up or down and are so comfy, i recently bought a pair and they are my go to shoes. They range from £28 and up and completely worth it.

From my blog, you might know that i'm a huge fan of studs! I love adding them to items of clothing because they can make a plain outfit a lot more interesting! So if you have a plain vest lying around that you wouldn't mind jazzing up, you can get a hold of some silver studs from a local habadashory and place them either on the shoulders or down the seams.

I think it makes an outfit look totally unique and i would always pair it with some jeans and very low key jewellrey. You can always buy these tops ready made from places such as The Ragged Priest, This vest is around £25.

So coming on to my last gem... I've become a huge fan of Snapbacks! They are so comfy and perfect for a bad hair day! They can change the whole feel of an outfit straight away and they look awsome! I bought myself an LA Lakers one from the NBA store in New York and i wear it all the time! You can pair this with your plain vest and a pair of denim hotpants with either some loafers or a pair of converse. You'll be New York ready in no time!!
I hope you enjoyed my first post back! I'll be updating it a lot more now i'm home so keep an eye out! Have an amazing few days and i'll be writing very soon....xoxo

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Here Comes The Sun...

Hi!! Today has been absolutly swealtering but finally the sun dresses can come out in full force! I'm a big fan of them because they make you feel so good! A good summer dress is above the knee, i prefer ones with no straps (tan lines!) and you can get them anywhere now for next to nothing! This is a personal fav of mine that i wore today, i saw it in a feature Vogue did with H&M and i fell in love with the colour and the shape. You could also wear it with a studded belt and add heels but i just love it for when the suns out!
Dress: £19.99 H&M (Vogue)

I've been seeing a lot of pastel colours around at the moment and i just love um! So get those pins out and embrace the sun!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Time Flies...

Hello! I thought i'd let you all know the very exciting news that i bought myself a new watch yesterday! I needed one to go to America with that was light, i could wear it outdoors and.. c'mon it had to be pretty cool! So i found this amazing one in swatch! 
Swatch: £32
I bought it in white because i have tons it can go with.. it's white, what won't go?! But there are so many colours to choose from, they are so cool and i think, amazing price tag ;)

They warp around your wrist to make it look like a bracelet as well, i'm in love and i hope you will be too! Go get one!! 


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Red Soles... Green Soles?

So this is just a short post because tonight is the launch of Chloe Green's shoe collection at topshop, i've seen a few of the designs and a couple have caught my eye! She has taken the idea of the god himself, Christian Louboutin and gone for a coloured sole to show they're hers... Fan? Maybe! Check these out ayway... :)
CJG, green Soles - all ranging from £120

Monday, 14 May 2012

Edging it Up...

Hello!! I've been is Essex for a few days having a little holiday so i haven't written a post in a while! But while i was on the the tube there, i did spot someone wearing these beauties and it gave me an idea for a post for you guys!
I love the spike detail on these boots, it gives them such an edge and they are so much more interesting to look at, don't you think? Spikes are so cool at the moment, you have Rihanna and The Olsen twins as fans.. These bad boys are also on my wishlist! Me and my friend can't find them anywhere in stock at the moment but you might get lucky! 
Jeffrey Campbell Boots: £128

So amazing to pair with tights and punk up a dress or with distressed jeans and a leather biker jacket... Such amazing shoes! 


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

To Tie or To Dye..

Tie dye is my absolute fav thing at the moment!! It's everywhere and images like this make me love it even more, so if someone can get hold of these for me... ;)

For amazing Tie Dye clothes go to The Ragged Priest for things like this.... 

Or be completely amazing (which i know you all are!) and Do it yourself!! Heres a link to a website that will tell you all you need to know...

Waist Not Want Not

It might be freezing cold outside right now but fashion stops for nothing! Showing off your arms with the ultimate waistcoat is the way forward... whether you DIY with cutting up an old jacket or invest in one, you'll definitely be a few fashion steps ahead!

Guys, this for you JUST as much as it is for girls! Look at justin timberlake, he's been on the trend for years now but try and think outside the box, don't just go for any old waistcoat that matches your suit. Take this one for example... 

Waistcoat: Topman £45
Its a different colour denim, it has a detachable hood... whats not to love! Pair it how Elliot has with dark jeans and some vans and you're set! Look around the high street at shops such as Topman, River Island and Urban Outfitters for your perfect waistcoat! 

Elizabeth Olsen Looking Chic In A Leather Biker Version.. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Harbour The Barbour

The original wax jacket is still one of the hottest things to own. Barbour has been around since the 1930's! It's one of the most practical pieces of clothing, keeping you warm and dry through winter AND i believe festival season is coming up... perfect!
Alexa Chung in her Barbour at Glastonbury last year

I was actually given my Barbour jacket by my mum! It's about 25 years old and i can honestly say, it's one of the best things i have ever been given! It's a masculine shape so its good to wear with shorts or leggings to keep it feminine, also, i sometimes wear mine with a belt to clinch in the waist! 
My Beautiful Vintage Barbour!

You can get hold of yours either in stores or online, i have found this beautiful brown one that will fit perfect with any wardrobe. They will last for ages and you can keep getting them re-waxed so it's a perfect investment!

Barbour Vintage Beadnell Jacket (£230)

Oh and guys, don't forget to get yours too! Perfect for the heritage look, i love a guy in a barbour coat! Look at Kate and Will.. perfect couple!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Back It Up!

(Topshop: £30)

A new favourite accessory of mine is the backpack! Bringing it back are people like Rihanna and Kanye West, they are so cool and there are so many different types be it canvas or leather. My lovely fashionista friend Ashley (featured on my 'shorts' post) bought them into my life and I'm so glad she did as they are so useful! haha.
 Style it up with a leather jacket and a coloured pair of jeans. Or when it gets hotter, a cool sun dress, waistcoat and shades! 


(Bag: Topshop, £26, Dress: H&M: £7.99)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Keeping it Short

Shorts are my FAVOURITE item of clothing right now, i wear them all the time and there are so many ways you can wear them. Either dressing them up or down with a casual tee shirt or baggy jumper or a spiked collared shirt or chiffon blouse... Here are a few of my personal favs and how you can wear them rain or shine!!
(From Top to Bottom)
Leather shorts: Topshop £30
Denim high wasted: Topshop £28
Floral: New Look £18
American: Topshop £28
Tie Dye: Ragged Priest £40
(Jumper: Mango)

(Body: American Apparel
Bum Bag: Urban Outfitters)

If you don't feel comfortable, wear your shorts with black tights, i like to think the thicker the better, also try and be daring with maybe a pair of maroon tights! And remember, when wearing heels, they make your legs look longer, so for legs that go on and on.. try them out! Enjoy eperimenting xoxo

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nailing The Trend

Right now, one nail colour just isnt cutting it. You have to get creative and imagine the impossible! I'm a girl who will spend that one hour in the week primping my nails and making sure they look cool and unique. Having crazy nails is kinda big right now so heres a few ideas you could try! Get onto the WAH nails website and check them out, they have a nail bar in Topshop Oxford Street and all my inspiration come from them! The last picture are my DIY nails, ENJOY! 

Monday, 30 April 2012

Most Wanted: Jeans

Jeans are a huge staple in our wardrobes and we all have our favourite particular style. Mine are skinnies, won't be seen wearing any other! You have to know what fits you best though. If you don't feel comfotable in them... don't wear them! Confidence is the key.

Kate Middleton in a pair of J Brand Jeans (£120)

You can also go for a pop of colour as well, a lot of people are jazzing up jeans now with colours, they are great to wear with your neautral colours like black, white and grey. Or how about you try to be adventurous and add a print or another block colour?!

Nicola Roberts in Topshop 'Jamie' jeans (£40) with a printed crop tee

Kim Kardashian Colour blocking in Pink and Orange

So would you play it safe with blue denims? Or go a little crazy? There are so many options and jeans will never be out of fashion! 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

She Wrote The Bible...

Lauren Conrad... Total idol! Ever since Laguna Beach, i knew she was always in the know about everything fashion. She's worked up to where she is and i have everything she has written haha! Including the Bible that is 'Style' ( from £7)

It gives you ideas on how to dress for loads of situations including interviews and first dates! It also includes make up tutorials and hair styles... I have used it so much, so worth the money!

My Inspiration For This Whole Blog!!

These are my beautiful shorts from The Ragged Priest..! I saw them and completely fell in love and they made me want to write this blog to share beautiful things! So here they are...