Sunday, 19 August 2012

Branching Out

I've been in America for 2 months working at a camp, cray! So i haven't written in a long time but whilst i was out there, i was still keeping an eye out for those little gems! For my first post back, i wanted to write about the different styles i've seen for the past 10 weeks, i was out of my comfort zone whilst i was there, not being able to dress up or wear heels or tight things! So i wanted to write about the basics that are key! Also adding that one accessory that can change a whole look.
So the first thing is vests. i love a good oversized vest and i love American Apparels choice, they're good to put on with a good pair of jeans or shorts and layer some necklaces over it (visit for some good peices of cool jewellrey).

Vest: American Apparel £14

Going on from that are shoes...! I absolutly LOVE topshops range of casual loafers at the moment, they can be dressed up or down and are so comfy, i recently bought a pair and they are my go to shoes. They range from £28 and up and completely worth it.

From my blog, you might know that i'm a huge fan of studs! I love adding them to items of clothing because they can make a plain outfit a lot more interesting! So if you have a plain vest lying around that you wouldn't mind jazzing up, you can get a hold of some silver studs from a local habadashory and place them either on the shoulders or down the seams.

I think it makes an outfit look totally unique and i would always pair it with some jeans and very low key jewellrey. You can always buy these tops ready made from places such as The Ragged Priest, This vest is around £25.

So coming on to my last gem... I've become a huge fan of Snapbacks! They are so comfy and perfect for a bad hair day! They can change the whole feel of an outfit straight away and they look awsome! I bought myself an LA Lakers one from the NBA store in New York and i wear it all the time! You can pair this with your plain vest and a pair of denim hotpants with either some loafers or a pair of converse. You'll be New York ready in no time!!
I hope you enjoyed my first post back! I'll be updating it a lot more now i'm home so keep an eye out! Have an amazing few days and i'll be writing very soon....xoxo

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