Saturday, 19 May 2012

Time Flies...

Hello! I thought i'd let you all know the very exciting news that i bought myself a new watch yesterday! I needed one to go to America with that was light, i could wear it outdoors and.. c'mon it had to be pretty cool! So i found this amazing one in swatch! 
Swatch: £32
I bought it in white because i have tons it can go with.. it's white, what won't go?! But there are so many colours to choose from, they are so cool and i think, amazing price tag ;)

They warp around your wrist to make it look like a bracelet as well, i'm in love and i hope you will be too! Go get one!! 



  1. I preferred the old layout, it worked better with the things you wrote about. This looks like you work for apple or NASA. Also, will you be writing about where you get your inspirations from and things like that?

  2. Thank you for your comment, i'm really new to this so i just keep trying new things out! But yeah thank you very much! I will be posting a lot more when i've finished my last exam on thursday!

    1. Well, you're doing a great job. And good luck on your exam :)


Thank you :D x