Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Waist Not Want Not

It might be freezing cold outside right now but fashion stops for nothing! Showing off your arms with the ultimate waistcoat is the way forward... whether you DIY with cutting up an old jacket or invest in one, you'll definitely be a few fashion steps ahead!

Guys, this for you JUST as much as it is for girls! Look at justin timberlake, he's been on the trend for years now but try and think outside the box, don't just go for any old waistcoat that matches your suit. Take this one for example... 

Waistcoat: Topman £45
Its a different colour denim, it has a detachable hood... whats not to love! Pair it how Elliot has with dark jeans and some vans and you're set! Look around the high street at shops such as Topman, River Island and Urban Outfitters for your perfect waistcoat! 

Elizabeth Olsen Looking Chic In A Leather Biker Version.. 

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