Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Laguna Beauty...

They weren't kidding when they said third year was going to be the toughest! Sorry, i've neglected my blog baby for a few weeks now but i am back with todays new post! (They'll be another on friday as usual too) So in my 5 spare minutes a day when i am not reading Stanislavski or Meyerhold, I've yet again been drawn in by the radient Lauren Conrad! Her new book 'Beauty' is out and of course, i was in there straight away! The book goes with her 'Style' book, i have referenced this on the blog before, referring it to the Bible! But 'Beauty' is all about you, your skin, health, hair and nails! It really is an amazing read if you're worried about why you're getting breakouts in certain areas, if you're using the right moisturizer for your skin type and of course, how to get those Conrad curls! I recommend it to anyone as it has so many good tips in there, i'm already using a few ;)
'Beauty' Lauren Conrad: £14.99

All her tips! 

Have a good week! 

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