Sunday, 1 September 2013

A/W Tech-cessories


As much as I just want to jump right into this Guest Post and go on about my passion for design and technology, I should probably introduce myself first, right?  My name is Erial, Eri for short, and I reside over at I’m British-born, raised in America and I’m currently at University studying Design. With that said, I’m a massive technology geek and instead of being one of those weird people that dresses their puppies and other pets, I like to dress my technology. Does that still make me one of those weird people…. Maybe even weirder?

Anywho, since summer is sadly coming to an end *sobs*, it’s time to start thinking about fall accessories and of course that includes jazzing up your iPhone, laptop and all your other toys. Here is some of my favourite A/W Tech-cessories!

1. Michael Kors MacBook Air Sleeve
It’s a bit more expensive but that means the quality will last all winter long. Whether you’re a university student having to walk to lectures in the snow, a fast-paced London girl, or just want to look fab regardless, this minimalist and luxurious case will make sure your laptop is runway worthy. Don’t worry; they have sleeves for MacBook Pro’s and iPads as well!

Zara City Bag with zips
Ohhh yes, this bag is a classic. Everyone has been carrying it this season and with good reason. Zara hit the nail on the head by designing a fashionable bag with padded pockets and zips for every single electronic device you may have. You are a goddess, Zara!

J. Crew Studded Case for iPhone 4/4s
I’m sure Kate would appreciate this one.  The studs and leather on this J. Crew case are a sure way to make your iPhone look fierce! You’ll never want to put your phone away in that Zara bag, will you?

ASOS Touch Screen Gloves

There is nothing worse than risking hypothermia to answer that cute text from the boyfriend or answer a phone call about a possible internship.  ASOS knows how you feel and created stylish gloves with finger pads that allow you to answer that iPhone without fear. No fights with the boyfriend and scoring that internship? Thanks, ASOS! 

One last thankyou to the beautiful Kate for allowing me to hop on her blog for the day! If you have any favourite tech-cessories for the season, let Kate and I know in the comments below or send me a tweet: @eri_jay

All my love,

~Erial xx

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