Monday, 26 August 2013

The Ideal Internship: Week 2


So I have just finished my second week in my internship at Browns and I am feeling exhausted! Working in retail full time is really hard work but it is so fulfilling because of the designers I am working with. This week was more of the same, helping clients, sorting out designers in the stock room and wrapping and taking care of purchases. I've had such a better understanding of how Browns is run now so I am able to really put everything into this and my knowledge of designers, retail and PR is getting so much better! I only have 2 weeks left in my internship now, it's going so fast! I'm just so happy that I can start making a career for myself now and start planning where this internship is going to take me, I'm so excited! Here are my outfits from throughout the week! Again, sorry for the bad quality!

Before i leave you guys, I have an exciting announcement to make! The beautiful Erial from the blog Erial View will be doing a guest post during the week! It's my first guest blogger and I'm so excited as her blog is fantastic! I'll also be guest blogging for her too so keep your eyes peeled! Head on over to check her out!

Leave any comments guys as you know I love to read them and give me a follow for more updates! Lots of love and have a great week!


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