Monday, 19 August 2013

The Ideal Internship: Week 1


So my next few posts are actually to do with my new internship at Browns Focus in London! I was so happy to get this place and didn't realize how lucky i was to be chosen! Everyone i work with is super talented and they know everything about fashion and every new designer, it's amazing. So what did i get up to in my first week..?
Well, i started off getting to know every designer and brand that we stock, and there is a lot! From Ashish to Versace, Balenciaga to McQueen, I've been helping on the shop floor with clients and assisting in the (amazing) stock room. It's a long day, but i have so much fun whilst i am there, getting to know people and helping clients, it makes you feel really positive and i am learning so much about designers i didn't even know before! The point of this internship is to learn how to work in high luxury retail and different it is to just working in a high street shop, it is a huge difference.
 My 'uniform' is basically whatever i want to wear which is amazing, you could be as fashion forward or as casual as you like! It's always good to make a bit of an effort though! So these are a few of my outfits from the past week at Browns Focus... Wonder what I'll be getting up to in my second week.. :)

and the amazing McQueen coat i got to try on that i fell in love with...!!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, doing my best with what i have ha!


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