Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Has A Ring To It...

My post today is all about rings! I'm actually obsessed with rings and i think they are the best accessory to have, they never go out of fashion and the more the better! Wether stacking them up or just having one signiture ring, they can make the plainest of outfits sparkle. Personally, i'm really into turquoise stones, chunky and midi rings, an assortment of colours too. Here are the ones i'm wearing today...
Nail Colour: Cabaret (Ciate)
Rings: All Topshop, stacked and midi rings

You can find that instagram has a huge ring trend at the moment but in my opinion, they will always be stylish and fun! If you want any 'ring-spiration' look to people such as Caggie from made in chelsea, Vanessa Hudgens and the Olsen twins

You can find rings in every shop, my favourtie places to look are Topshop, h&m and thrift stores! So look to any antique or charity shop and you'll be sure to find a bunch of stylish and vintage ings and costume jewellry! 

Another post to come soon... 


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